Getting a cold or the flu is bad enough, but when it strikes less than 24 hours before you’re on vacation, or even worse – when you’re on vacation, you face the possibility everyone in your family could get sick.

Each year, 10 percent of the World’s population falls ill with flu. During a flu epidemic, this number can reach a significant 50 percent. Influenza is not a trivial cold that many often label it. It is actually a severe viral disease which can have fatal implications to high-risk individuals.

The flu epidemic poses sever complications to high-risk individuals. In fact, each year, approximately 2000 patients die in the Czech Republic from its complications. Very often, it is confused with an ordinary cold or a throat infection. It is possible to prevent the flu by getting vaccinated against it. Prevention often provides a better solution than the necessary subsequent treatment.

Flu vaccine

 The actual flu vaccine is composed of an inactive influenza virus. Thanks to the application by injection and the character of the virus, the patient will not develop flu. However, the patient’s body will form the necessary antibodies and the body will be able to resist the virus more effectively. The vaccine is composed of three viral strains most commonly associated with seasonal flu. These include Type B and Type A subtypes, namely H1N1 and H3N2. The vaccines need to be changed each year based on the current recommendations of the World Health Organization and differs between northern and southern hemispheres. The vaccine is usually effective for between 6 and 12 months. Doctors usually advise their patients to apply a new vaccine on a yearly basis.

The best time for being vaccinated is during the fall, most commonly in October. Patients can choose to get vaccinated later, but ideally it should be undertaken prior to the flu epidemic. It is important to note that influenza antibodies take approximately two weeks to develop following the shot.

Vaccination of high-risk patients

High-risk groups of patients should be vaccinated against the outbreak of flu. These include people suffering from chronic disease (especially the heart, lungs and the kidneys), from diabetes and diseases of the immune system. Smokers and all individuals older than 65 years of age should be immunized. Following consultation with a pediatrician, the vaccine can be applied to children older than six months of age. The influenza virus is capable of infecting women and men regardless of good hygiene habits and healthy lifestyles.

The most widespread vaccines currently in use are Vaxigrip and Influvac. The only true flue prevention is through vaccination. The virus spreads to humans through droplets in the air and an individual who has been vaccinated is under significantly lower risk of infection.

Prevention is always better than the treatment

The incubation period of the disease is anywhere between three to five days and up to ten days for children. The flu can last for up to a week and can be responsible for causing pneumonia, damaging the nervous system as well as the heart. Influenza is associated with high fevers, headaches, chills, muscle/joint pain, general malaise and a dry cough. The vaccine including its application costs 480 CZK. Most insurance companies cover the entire cost of vaccination or contribute significantly to the cost of it.

Vaccination against influenza can also be accompanied by pneumococcal vaccination. Should you be interested in this option, please make sure to consult it with a medical professional.

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