Scary Adult Fun for Halloween in Prague

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Prague Fear House

Have you ever wanted to “experience real horror in person”, or better yet to pay a little extra so a friend can be kidnapped and unknowingly, at first, put through the same thing?

That’s what you get with the Hardcore and Kidnapping Hardcore packages, higher-end offerings at Prague Fear House, which is located near the Václavské náměstí station right next to Lucerna.

A regular ticket will guide you in a small group through catacombs, where the characters you fear most – attendees select those at the beginning – are waiting to terrify you. The Hardcore version makes you do this alone and even recommends a change of clothes because of the more hands-on experience.

There’s also a more family-friendly experience available called the Prague Legends, which is approved for ages 6 and up (the Fear House is 15+). The 45-minute experience features actors that offer a closer look at legends like the Golem of Prague or Karbourek the Water Sprite.

Address: Vodičkova 32 110 00 Nové Město
Hours: 3-10 p.m. Tu-Th; 2-10 p.m. Fr; 
12-10 p.m. Sa-Su; closed Monday
Time: 20-45 minutes
Cost: 290-1,500kc/person
Phone: +420 606 065 110



Take a Ghost & Vampire Tour

You finish your beer and head to the corner of Pařížská and Staroměstské náměstí where a woman donning a black gothic costume and oil lantern is waiting for you. You are about to embark on a dark journey through Old Town, where some of Prague’s most famous legends were born.

“I only ask you to follow the light,” the woman says, “and let the tour begin.”

Your guide’s name is Lara, and she walks you through the narrow alleyways of the city’s historic center, recounting tales of murder that intertwine history, religion, superstition and imagination. She works for Mysterium Tours, a company which offers two-hour walking tours at night that show Prague’s macabre side. They draw on well-known local legends featuring ghosts and vampires that haunt the city’s dark corners.

Have you ever wondered why Kinský Palace protrudes in Old Town Square compared to the other buildings? Listen to a story about how a count’s arrogance led to the sacrifice of an innocent. Or if you find yourself wandering down Ovocny trh between the Estates Theatre and Karolinum, you might want to look twice if a beggar wearing a cloak asks you for a few Czech koruna. Have you ever noticed that a 400-year-old mummified arm dangles from the ceiling of St. James the Greater? It is a ghostly warning to thieves.

Those who are interested in touring Prague’s gothic churches, convents and medieval residences can enjoy beautiful sites while also getting a good campfire tale. These stories include a corpse bride whose wedding day ended in tragedy, a chancellor who experienced his worst nightmare, star-crossed lovers and their quest for redemption and a Jewish mythical creature that lays in wait.

But don’t worry if you think all these stories end in sorrow. As Lara reminds everyone: “Time heals all wounds, even in the case of ghosts.”

Mysterium Tours operate in Prague, Budapest, Krakow and Madrid. If you are interested in booking a tour, visit their website at or call +420 776 101 952.


Museum of Alchemists and Magicians of Old Prague

Including the bar – and it’s always important to include the bar – there are three parts to the Museum of Alchemists and Magicians of Old Prague, which is located near the Golden Way just under the stairs going down Nerudova Street.

The ground floor is where you get into the student’s mindset, learning through interactive exhibits and reading stories about the old alchemists and magicians who used to practice in Prague. Then, progress up a set of 60 stairs that’s one of the oldest and most narrow spiral staircases in Prague and you’ll find the laboratory of famous alchemist Edward Kelley.

Kelley, who reportedly designed the staircase himself in the 16th century, lived there for the last three years of his life, and a guide will explain all of the history that happened in, and emanated from, this attic.

And don’t forget to drop into the Kellyxír Alchemical Lab Pub on your way out or in (or both) for some smoky, lab-inspired drinks.

Address: Jánský vršek 8, 118 00 Malá Strana
Hours: 10-8 p.m., M-Su
Cost: 90-220kc/person
Phone: +420 257 224 508


Thrill Park

“No words are needed. Faces of our visitors say it best.”

That’s the line on Thrill Park’s website above an array of photos that prove their case. Whether it’s the guy ready to punch whatever murderer jumps out at him, groups huddling together for safety or a woman formulating the first consonant of an expletive, these people clearly got the fright that they paid for.

Located in between the National Museum and the I.P. Pavlova station, Thrill Park offers three options: two VR experiences (one shooting zombies, the other solving a mystery to stop a psychopath) and the traditional dungeon of horrors. 

With nearly 700 reviews, Thrill Park has a 5.0 rating on TripAdvisor. And don’t forget to pick up that photo of yourself cowering in the corner or screaming your head off.

Address: Žitná 1691/44, 120 00 Nové Město
Hours: 4-10 p.m. M-F; 2-10 p.m. Sa-Su
Time: 15-30 minutes
Cost: 250-535kc/person
Phone: +420 774 413 313


Story by Taylor Bern and Nicole Ely

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