Rent Our Event Space

The Prague Visitor Centre features both a Gallery/Event Space

You may rent The Prague Visitor center gallery for multiple uses including events, conferences, concerts, exhibitions. Capacity 60 seats. Price for all day rental 5000 CZK, for evening (after 5pm) 2000 CZK.

Pronájem Visitor centre galerie k víceúčelovému využití, vhodné pro eventy, konference, koncerty, vystavy. Kapacita 60 míst. Cena za celodenní pronájem 5000kč, za večerní (po 17h) 2000kč.

For information on the space or to book the space, please call Eva at +420 727 896 227.



Located in the same building as the ‘The Prague Visitor’ magazine offices. Situated on the road leading up to the castle it is virtually next door to Fringe venue ‘Golden Key’.

This is an empty space with no lights or sound. The audience can be seated in any way, can lie on the floor or walk around.

This venue is suitable for non-conventional performances, performance art, talks, poetry or anything that just uses and empty space.

Address: Nerudova 25, 118 00 Praha 1-Malá Strana

Seating/ Standing: 40-50 chairs.

Stage Dimensions: The room is 6.15 x 7.90m with windows on two sided. There is no stage available. The windows do not have curtains or shutters so daylight will come in until approx. 22:00

Access: 4/5 steps up into main building. After that flat within space.

Audience Entrance: As access. There is only one entrance to this venue. The audience come to a reception area where coffee is available, then through an antechamber and into the space.

Dressing Rooms: Small Room

Toilets: Shared with audience.

Walls: White plastered. There are ways to hang paintings. It is difficult to hang anything from the ceiling.

Floor: Wooden.

Sound: Not provided.

Lighting (tbc): Conventional office lights hung from ceiling. Simple on/off switch. Please note that there are no shutters or curtains on the windows. During the festival darkness does not fall until approx. 22:00

Storage: Limited storage in offices.

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