Prague Fear House- Enter if you dare….

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Rumor has it the owners of Prague Fear House originally set out to open an upscale bar – but after a series of bizarre and unexplained events happened during the construction of the bar, followed by some research into the bar’s murderous past, they decided not to fight the supernatural.

Prague Fear House combines the first fear house in central Europe with a nice (yet creepy) themed bar. Its dark, eerie décor immediately sets the scene and everybody who works there look like they’ve just stepped out of a horror film. The first room sets you up for the rest of the fear house as you’re left in the dark, literally sat on the edge of your seats waiting for something to happen, which it certainly does. From the first scare, you’re manoeuvred from room to room, getting lost in the dark maze of terror with clowns, ghouls and all sorts of creatures jumping out at every turn. There’s not a dull moment as the fear house is action packed full of terror and the freakish spirits chasing you   ensure you’re navigated around the labyrinth, as you attempt to escape.

The interactive, adrenaline filled nature of this fear house really makes it an engaging, yet truly terrifying experience. Expect to be horrified during your time in the labyrinth, as the dark rooms and creepy actors make sure it’s an immersive, fearsome experience. Be prepared to be screaming, trying to hide and escape all at the same time and when you manage (hopefully) to escape, you’ll probably feel like you’ve genuinely been a part of a horror film, this time with a successful ending.

Although it is a pretty scary experience when taking part, afterwards, when your heart has stopped beating out of your chest, you do feel exhilarated. You can look back and laugh with your friends and dissect the scariest moments over a drink in the quirky, spookily decorated bar, which features an arty projection and drinks served in syringes.

If you want to experience something different, have fun and be completely terrified all at once, then Prague Fear House is definitely a good place to go. It also makes a great location for Halloween celebrations. Take a trip there if you dare…

Regular Tickets are just 450kc and for 790kc, there’s even a “Hardcore Ticket” option for more demanding fear-seekers , with “personal contact” and even more over-the-top stunts within.

Haunted House are Monday through Friday 2pm – 11pm, Saturday and Sunday 12pm- 11pm.

The Bar is open until midnight daily.

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