Prague Piggyback

Why walk around Prague when someone else can do it for you?

Welcome to Prague Piggyback!


Is this real?

Is Prague Piggyback real? Of course not! It’s absurd.  Like many cities with a lot of tourists, Prague’s streets and sidewalks have become littered with novelty electric push scooters, trackless amusement style tourist trains, fake old cars, electric mopeds, etc.  We think it’s time to remind people… the best way to see Prague is by walking, or our amazing transit system!

What can you do?

The best way to help is to enjoy Prague like those of us who live here do… our amazing public transport system with buses, trams and our metro.  We hope this page makes it easier for you by providing a few resources available to you.

Walk this way

Did you know it’s just a 25 minute walk from Prague Castle to Old Town Square?  Prague is best seen by foot.  Stop by Prague City Tourism’s offices to get some great guides, like Five Walks Around Prague, or check it out online.

public transport

DPP – the transit authority – has released Prague Trips, an app for both Andriod and IOS users which details over 40 interesting trips in and around Prague. Additionally, the app gives users useful information about fares, fees and transport inspections – plus there’s even an option to purchase tickets through SMS (note: your carrier must allow this).  There’s also a map with an online and offline capability.


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