With the recent legislation barring Segway Tours from the city centre in Prague, the electric bike tour industry has found itself in high gear.

Local tour operator I Like eBike says their guided tours are extremely popular with tourists, giving them a perspective of the city that you just can’t find on a tour bus. Riders are able to progress at a slower pace and without looking at a city though a pane of glass from a bus seat. I Like eBikes primarily use cycle paths and parks to cruise in on their tours; Prague is quite hilly, but truly bike friendly. Cycle paths are marked brilliantly and they connect perfecty to each of the main city sights. I Like eBike says they try to intentionally avoid the area around the Old Town Square due to its easy accessibility on foot and the extensive amount of tourists there. The development of cycle paths in the city has fastly made Prague a superb place for cyclists

So what exactly is an eBike? An electric bike works in a unique way; using a system called PEDELEC, the small motor helps you when peddling. Unlike a scooter, if you don’t pedal, the motor doesn’t help you and when you brake, the motor switches off.

Anyone who can ride a bicycle can certainly ride an eBike. And the best part is you are able to enjoy seeing a big area of Prague without even a drop of sweat. Riding an eBike is pretty straight forward, but just in case – I Like eBike has a ten minute training course before setting off.

I Like eBike gives adventurers three great tour options to choose from.

If you’ve had enough of the city centre’s history, you can explore the Real Prague and see its interconnection with past regimes (especially with communist dictatorship) and changes in a society after the entry to market oriented economy.

This is a great way to discover lesser known parts of Prague just the way locals perceive and see it. The tour leaves every morning around 9am for 32km over five hours and lets riders experience the contrast between the historic city centre and outskirts of the city. Riders get to see beyond the old buildings and see communist-era tower blocks up close and personal, visit a national park, film studios, John Lennon Wall, Prague’s Staropramen Brewery, The Dancing House, and the largest stadium in the world.

The View Point Ride is probably the most popular eBike tour (and where riders really use the electric assistance of the bike).  With ten incredible vantage point views of the historical city centre, you’ll want to bring your camera. In all, there’s around 32 stops along the 30km five-hour tour, including the square where the Velvet Revolution happened, a breathtaking park complete with nuclear bunkers, and Strahov Monastery where monks are brewing some of Prague’s best beer.

The Romantic Ride tour is perfect for couples, families with kids or bigger groups who want to enjoy the relax atmosphere of Prague. During 3 hours you will see many beautiful parks, sights and views. You will find out more about the history of the city and experience riverside views from the banks of the Vltava. This tour has also a night ride option – since all monuments are lit and you can enjoy riding on empty streets.

The tour is around 15km / 9miles around the city and takes in 3 panoramic views – from Strahov monastery, the View Tower, Prague Castle, Charles bridge and the romantic Kampa island.

The tour was quite enjoyable and it’s made us consider getting an eBike just for our own personal use. The staff is friendly and did a great job leading our group.

Prices for the 15km tour are 50€, while the 30km tour runs about 60€. I Like eBike’s location is easy to find, just under Prague Castle. To book a reservation, call them at +420 604 474 46, or visit them online at www.Ilikeebike.cz.