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You might say not-for-profit urban re-developer reSITE has a gift for making something out of nothing – especially when it comes to Prague’s newest urban hotspot – Manifesto Market. 

Located on what was once a dirtpile patch of unused and undesirable land, Manifesto Market is constructed of twenty-seven converted transport containers which make up the outdoor marketplace. Inside each container, you’ll find a variety of satellite locations for some of Prague’s hippest street food vendors, restaurants, bistros, coffee shops, art galleries, and more. 

reSITE says the market was originally inspired by the London Boxpark and the TimeOut Market in Lisbon with their familial atmosphere and temporary cultural setting. Radka Ondrackova, the Director of Communications and Creative Captain for the project, describes Manifesto as, “a living organism, – we observe, we learn, we improve, we listen.” 

The converted shipping container architecture of Manifesto provides a stark contrast to the surrounding traditional architecture which Prague is known for. But it’s a contrast that works, with Manifesto finding great success in it’s first few months of operation.

But it’s not just the architecture that’s forward thinking. Manifesto Market isn’t just leaving behind old ideas of traditional urban development – they’re also telling their patrons to leave behind their cash.  Adopting the concept of being cashless, only debit and credit cards are accepted as a form of payment. The market is also dog friendly and encourages people to be both kind and aware of the environment by not providing any plastic and ensuring that recycling is a top priority. 

Beyond the undeniable attraction of an outdoor venue on these warm August days, many patrons seem to love that the market’s offers up so many options for food and beverage – answering that age-old couple delimma of “what do you want for dinner?”

Manifesto Market isn’t just about being an epicenter of culinary coolness – it’s also fastly become a hub for special events which center around music, film, art, design. For a full schedule of events, you can visit their the Manifesto Market website (www.

reSITE says the goal of the marketplace is to continue to develop a place where people from all over Prague, other countries, families, visitors, and tourists will be able to find a sense of community and thrive in the food, music, art, design, and fun that is all a part of the market. Manifesto provides an unusual cultural and culinary experience, as well as a space for entertainment and education. Events vary from DJs, to film showings, to workshops, and art galleries, with the schedule for every different event on their website. 

“By combining high-quality street food and cultural program, Manifesto succeeded to revive a forgotten corner in the very center of Prague, and to bridge a busy but disconnected neighborhood,” Ondrackova says about the market and its noble mission. Urban revitalization aside, we’re just here for the food and beer.  Manifesto is open everyday from 8 am until 22 pm.  Find it’s location on our map in the center of the magazine. 

You can find Manifesto in the centre of Prague in between Florenc Station and Masarykovo nádraží (Masaryk Railway Station). Nex to the highway and under the billboards.

Tram stops:

Bílá labuť: 3, 8, 14, 24

Masarykovo nádraží: 3, 6, 14, 15, 24, 26


Line B to Náměstí Republiky 

(Masarykovo nádraží exit)

Line B or C to Florenc 

(náměstí Republiky exit)


Florenc: 133, 135, 175, 194, 20

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