Where to find us

The Prague Visitor can be found free on the first of every month at over 315 locations in Prague, and on Student Agency | RegioJet International buses. Our focus group are 80% tourists and 20% expats, with distribution in over 135 hotels, cafés, bars and restaurants, on Campus at English speaking universities, and at the offices of some of Prague’s largest expat employers.

How do we make sure we reach our delivery areas?

With Technology! We developed a special phone app to makes sure we get to all locations in our delivery network each month. The delivery amount is monitored and adjusted based on the previous month and occupancy expectations, so we’re able to prevent product waste.

Want to receive the magazine for your guests?

If you’re a hotel in the centre with more than 20 rooms and you’d like to receive the magazine, email us and we’ll add you to the list! Are you not in the centre, or perhaps you have an AirBnb and you’d like to receive the magazine for your guests? You can pick the magazine up at our offices located at Nerudova 25, Prague 1.

If you’re hosting a convention or large event and would like to receive the magazine for your guests, or you’re a local business with a large number of visitors or expat employees , we’d love to deliver each month to you. Simply contact us at please contact delivery@praguevisitor.eu

Current Delivery Locations


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