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La Loca creates positive energy with new menu

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By Kylie Naughton

La Loca Music Bar and Lounge, located in the exquisite Mosaic House, is a place of around-the-clock transformation–whether it be the daily grind with a fresh cappuccino, a business lunch with colleagues, dinner and drinks with old friends or a late night of celebrating.

At La Loca, renowned Czech chef Radim Gerlich works off the idea that “together tastes better.” After spending time as a chef in cities like Italy and London, Gerlich acquired skills in all areas of food preparation. At La Loca, he introduced what he likes to call “crossover cuisine.” With a small menu style made for sharing, each dish is composed of strategically selected ingredients and prepa-ration techniques with influences from classic Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines. Think risotto sprinkled with saffron, pistachios and barberries; or roasted salmon seasoned with beetroot and pomegranate.

La Loca also offers an open kitchen for customers to get a behind-the-scenes glance at what will soon end up on their table. The kitchen opened last month, and the restaurant will hold a press con-ference in the coming weeks to display the kitchen and new menu.

Along with expertly crafted dishes, the venue features modern artwork throughout the intricately designed space, with works by a variety of Czech artists. Upon entrance to the Mosaic House, three large mushroom structures are planted in the grass, giving guests a hint of what is to come behind the doors. In honor of the recent Easter holiday, a giant egg was even placed in the center of the restaurant, inviting guests to make their mark by writing a note or leaving a drawing on its surface.

“We created a place where you feel home and where you can experience something new,” said marketing director Gilles Oulevey. “When we come up with an idea, we think of ways to make it even more out of the box.”

In addition to embodying the triple threat of a café, restaurant and event venue, La Loca also turns into a lively club scene when the evening crowd rolls in. Themed nights such as an on-stage open mic, 80s/90s night and even karaoke are featured on designated evenings. Soon, the venue will host stand-up comedy, featuring some of the best comedians in Prague. With spring just around the corner, guests can also look forward to patio seating in La Loca’s garden, overlooking a spectacular view of the city.

But La Loca’s ability to transform their scene as the day progresses goes far beyond its atmosphere and artistic ambiance. In 2010, Mosaic House, the home of La Loca, introduced the Czech Republic’s first water recycling system. Since, the building has saved over 10 million liters of water — roughly 4,000 liters per day. All in all, the building saves 20 percent of all energy sources with the use of green energy, an innovative concept that is not widely seen in Prague.

Mosaic House offers something for everyone at a pace that’s constantly in transition. It’s a place of unification — energy conservation with a high-energy atmosphere, old friends or new friends, one country’s cuisine in combination with another. La Loca has no boundaries.

Or, as their mantra goes, “one house, 1,000 memories.”

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