Our Guide to Authentic Czech Souvenirs

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Krtek, or The Little Mole, is a Czech national treasure. Since animator Zdeněk Miler first released Krtek in 1966, he’s been an endearing figure in the lives of Czechs. Most Czech children grew up not just watching the films, but also playing with Krtek toys. You can find Krtek toys in popular toy stores like Hamelys, Sparkys, or even in Manufaktura.


Skip the Absenth that wasn’t even made here and go with this. Becherovkab is a herbal bitters, often drunk as a digestive aid (we aren’t sure by whom). It’s produced in Karlovy Vary and found pretty much everywhere. Be sure and check for travel restrictions with alcohol.

Vintage Posters

ProVás is a shop specializing in retro reprint posters and postcards and is located in Old Town. At ProVás you can find a wide array of interesting prints. From Czech film posters, propaganda poster to retro posters of classic Czech products. Posters are as inexpensive as four euros. Their posters come in a range of size and they can help you make it travel ready. Find them at ProVás, Rybná 21, 110 00 Praha

Prim Watches

WIth a rich Czechoslavakian history, Prim watches emerged from the revolution as a privatized company.  Even the movements are produced locally. We suggest taking the factory tour to fully appreciate the craftsmanship.


Buy Local Art

Someone told us once to buy local art on vacation, and it’s sound advice. Not only do you end up with something special on your wall, you have a keepsake to remind you of your holiday. Galerie La Femme is a famous small local gallery that is literally packed full of everything from up and coming to established Czech artists. You can find them in Old Town, near the InterContinental Hotel.

Galerie La Femme, Bílkova 131/2, 110 00 Josefov



Family business with enamel mugs, handmade accessories and other enamel products by designer Markéta Novotná. Even better, you can paint your own stuff and they have six locations.

  • Melantrichova 18, Praha 1
  • U Lužického semináře 19, Praha 1
  • Kaprova 6, Praha 1
  • Karmelitská 28, Praha 1
  • Karlova 3, Praha 1
  • Jilská 14, Praha 1
  • Nerudova 31, Praha 1

Local Wines

Orange wine, biodynamic wine, low-intervention, if it’s not good, who cares?  Fortunately the Veltlin Wine Bar has both taste and the widest range of natural vino in Prague.  With a selection focused on the old Austro-Hungarian Empire (and a smattering of French and Italian besides), one could end up drinking like a Moravian hippie or a certain empress on her wedding night.  Friendly staff will try to pair the right wine with the client, not pare the client down to the wine.  Meats and cheeses from small Czech producers are available to quiet small hungers. Check travel restrictions for alcohol.

Veltlin Wine Bar, Křižíkova 488/115, 186 00 Praha 8-Karlín,

Botas 66

The Botas 66 is a revived Czechoslavakian era shoe company which began in the 1940s, but really made their footprint in the mid-1960s  with colourful affordable shoes. Today, they’ve brought back the spirit of those original shoes, which makes the hipster crowd’s hearts flutter.

Botas have two showrooms:

  • Old Town: Skořepka 4, Prague 1
  • Žižkov: Křížkovského 18, Prague 3


Granát Turnov

Bohemian garnet is a rare thing indeed. While garnet is a stone found far and wide, the small pebble like garnet is only found in Bohemia. In fact, many producers in places like Russia will take larger stones and break them up to resemble Czech garnet, so don’t be fooled. Granát Turnov is the largest, most traditional producer of Czech garnet jewellery. They are also the holder of the “Czech garnet” trademark.

Granát Turnov has several resellers around Prague, and an actual showroom at Panská 892/1, 110 00 Nové Město.



In 1991, Prague was freshly opened to foreigners from all over the world-looking for traditional Czech things to take home. And so the idea was born, to make use of beautiful spaces in the historical center of Prague and offer tourists the best of the toy and craft tradition of the country, which at the time was threatened with extinction. Manufaktura’s owner’s went to the Bohemian and Moravian countryside and bought everything from the craftsmen there – from traditional dolls, hand-painted Easter eggs to wooden toys. Gradually, they managed to bring together over 250 small craftsmen, former masters of folk art, tradition holders and smaller Czech companies, whose products we sell today.

Our favourite Manufaktura item has to be the beer cosmetics line which taps into the regenerative properties of beer.

Manufaktura has several shops across Prague. Visit our map in the center of the magazine for a full listing.


Local Artists – A unique gift shop

Karmelitská 26, 110 00, Praha 1

Souvenirs should tell a story – that’s what the staff at Local Artists think. Together, they have curated a collection of thoughtful gift boxes which  contain a variety of Czech goods. Boxes range in price and in style, with everything from the Sweet Abundance box (try the Czech honey!) to the Child’s box (with Czech toys), or the romantic Couple’s Box. Local Artist’s also sells stand alone items as well, each telling a story. Individual items are available as well, and you can shop online at


Modern Jewelry at Designum Gallery

Modern Czech jewelry, porcelain and glass in Prague’s historical center. Each artist goers his own design story based on a genuine idea and original manufacturing.

Located on the gorgeous pastel-facade covered street of Nerudova – home to some of the city’s most beautiful buildings (including our offices)– is Designum Gallery, a hip Czech design concept store.

At Designum Gallery you can find the best of the best in contemporary Czech design from renowned artists and young, talented designers. Long known for its avant garde originality and elegance.

Designum Gallerie, Nerudova 243/27, 118 00 Malá Strana


Glass and Crystal

If you’re going to buy glass or crystal, make sure it’s from somewhere reputable (there’s lots of Chinese product being sold as Czech to tourists). Our recommednation is to stick with somewhere reputable, like Moser Crystal. But, if you’re more daring – for under 1000czk, you can not only buy crystal, but actually see it being made.

Prague Bus Tours offers day trips to RÜCKL CRYSTAL glassworks, situated in the picturesque Berounka River valley in Křivoklátsko. You’ll learn about the art of making glass, crystal manufacturing an demonstrations of glass blowing and cutting – plus great deals on the merchandise. Visit to book, and use VISITOR as a booking code and receive 15% off.


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