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Where to Shop… OR… The Most Expensive Can of Coke in the World

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Sure, everyone expects they’ll pay a bit more for items in a shop in a tourist area, but $12 for a lighter and $4 for a can of coke? That’s what Honest Guide found when they took to the streets of Mala Strana looking our for visitors in this weeks episode of Honest Guide.

While there are many shops that charge what they’re supposed to (DM, Tesco Express, Žabka, and others), many shops found in the tourist areas take advantage of whatever they can get from tourists unfamiliar with the local currency and the cost of things in Czech Republic.

The Prague Visitor’s three tips:

  1. Stay away or be suspicious of local markets marked ” on high traffic tourist streets.
  2. Look around – we always advise looking to see if it’s locals shopping in the store, or even behind the counter.
  3. Find familiar store brands like Tesco, DM, Žabka, etc).

Our editor’s golden rule is to never shop in a market with touristy items like Marijuana flavored anything in the windows (sidenote: There’s no THC) because those are a certain sign they’re catering to tourists.

Janek Rubeš is a Czech YouTuber and tourist-trap-fighter who, together with Honza Mikulka, is making an unapologetic video series guide for Prague visitors. We liked Janek’s idea so much, we’re posting his “Honest Guide” series right here. Study up on these videos for what to see, what to skip, and what to avoid at all costs (hint: take a pass on the trdelnik).

You can find the entire Honest Prague series on Stream International. For more updates, check  the channel’s Facebook.


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