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Prague is a city of the arts. You’ll see local theaters on every corner, but you should definitely pay a visit to the National Theater, or the Estates Theater during your stay here – the architecture is as spectacular as whatever is going on stage. However, most of the performances at these large theaters are in Czech, only occasionally with English subtitles. We want you to properly experience the culture of the arts here in Prague, so on top of paying a visit to one of the swank theaters, we encourage you to see a show in English.

Here’s a list of our favorite English-speaking theater companies:

Cimrman English Theater

Štítného 5, Zizkov

Our friends at the Cimrman English Theater have been performing the famous plays of Jara Cimrman since October 2014. They’re currently performing in the U.S, but check out their facebook to stay updated about their shows in Prague. Don’t know Cimrman? We’ve got you covered, check out our feature on the national superstar.

Prague Shakespeare Company

Kolowratský Palác

The only professional, classical English-language theater company in the Czech Republic. They bring “high-caliber, cross-culturally relevant, classical yet cutting-edge” theater to historical Prague. Their performances include Julius Caesar, Macbeth, Cymbeline and Into the Woods. Check out their shows, or book tickets on their website.

Blood, Love & Rhetoric

This company performs at many different places around the city. Their weekly comedy is held on Thursday nights at Malostranska Beseda (Malostranské náměstí 35/21) at 8 p.m – their improv show is every Friday night at A Maze in Tchaiovna (Muchova 241/4) at 7:30 p.m. They put on bigger performances too, held at different theaters around the city – some of their past performances include The Great Gatsby, and adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, and many original plays. Check them out on facebook.

CATNIP Divadlo

Contemporary American Theater Now in Prague – performing American classics in a new and contemporary way. Their shows are cozy and intimate – their past shows were held at Studio Savec (října 28), a colorfully modern creative studio in the heart of Prague. Check out their performances on their website.

EESK Theater Company

A newly formed English-speaking theater company in Prague – Their first show Castro’s Beard premiered in mid-2017 Divadlo Kampa to sold out crowds and critical acclaim. We cant’ wait to see what’s next… check out their facebook for more info 🙂

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