Granát Turnov: The Only Authentic Czech Garnet

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Red as blood, full of secrets, magic, and passion!

Did you know that the Czech garnet is as unique as the Colombian emeralds or the Burmese rubies?
Garnets also have many legends. For centuries they have been considered as a stone of pilgrims and travelers who wore them as a talisman. According to legend, Noah had a lamp made of a garnet on his ark, which helped him navigate the ship in the evening darkness. It was rumored that glowing night garnets would protect their wearer from evil.

In the Middle Ages, the Knights used the garnets not only for decoration but also for their protective power from injuries, as it gave the Warriors a sense of immortality. Another legend claims that tiny crystals of red garnets are fossilized drops of blood of the gods. Garnets symbolize fire, blood, and the heart, making it a favorite gift for wedding anniversaries or romantic gestures. Let yourself be inspired by the beauty of the Czech garnet, get to know its power and strength…

Today, Granát Turnov is the largest producer of jewelry made with unique Czech garnets. It was created by the unification of smaller private companies of goldsmith tradesmen in 1953. In order to ensure the production of jewelry, Granát Turnov obtained an exclusive license to extract Czech garnets and became the owner of the mines which extract the raw garnet material. The original Czech garnet jewelry, made by the traditional manufacturer Granát, d.u.v. Turnov is seen as one of the symbols of the Czech Republic. It is not only popular in our country, but sought after by foreign tourists, who take it as an exceptional souvenir.

There’s only one true Czech Garnet… Granát Turnov

The cooperative is the owner of the trademark and of origin “Czech Garnet” and “Czech Garnet Jewellery”. The Garnet team is registered with the hallmark and guarantees the authenticity of the precious metals and stones used. Each Ceramic Garnet comes with a Certificate of Gems and, together with the G-brand Gemstone, guarantees stone foundations and jewelry.

Today’s collection features a plethora of classical models that have been expanded over the
last few years to modern jewelry design. The combination of Czech garnet and
moldavin is very popular and this collection includes men’s jewelry, children’s jewelry and also symbolic jewelry, such as crosses, hearts, stars, moon signs, letters, and animals. We also offer a collection of ladies silver watches, gift items, glass and jewelry, all made from Czech garnet.

Granát Turnov:

Dlouhá 28 a30, Prague 1
+420 222 315 612
Panská 1, Prague 1
+420 224 247 463
Havířská 581/3, Prague 1
+420 737 206 716

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