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Prague’s vibrant theater scene is well-known, but few people know about the growing number of English-friendly comedy groups the city has to offer – Comedy Prague is here to change that.

Comedy Prague provides a platform for performers from all over the world, from Macedonia and England to Australia and right here in the Czech Republic. The group holds weekly open-mic and stand-up shows, featuring a rotating line-up and often ending with live music or some hilariously atrocious karaoke.

The comedians foster not only laughter but also a sense of endearment and familiarity – everyone feels right at home, especially since crowd interaction is a big part of the show. Plus, the diverse backgrounds of the comedians set up a night of comedy that you can enjoy and relate to no matter where you’re from – from laughing about Italian comedian Carmine’s love hate relationship with his home city of Napoli to hearing Czech comedian Kristyna’s hilarious refusal to have kids (“Parenthood is a suffering, ladies and gentlemen”). The comedians aren’t afraid to offend – but all in ways that befriend the crowd even more.

The group was founded in 2013 by Irish comedian Luke Ryan. After living in Prague for a few years, Ryan recognized the lack of English-friendly stand-up in Prague’s cultural scene and Comedy Prague was born. Starting out as just a few occasional shows here and there, the group now hangs out weekly at cozy neighborhood venues, providing laughs for themselves and anyone else who will listen.

On top of shows Comedy Prague also holds workshops for budding comedians to find their feet and experienced comedians to try out new material, plus meet-ups to help improve your improv and MC skills.

Check out their facebook for show times and information!

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