The Best of Prague | Cocktail Bars

In a city that has such a love affair with beer, sometimes it’s easy to forget about the cocktail.

From a traditional Old Fashioned to the latest molecular mixology concoction, Prague has some amazing choices when you’re ready to hit the hard stuff.  And best of all, while a nice cocktail can cost upwards of 20€ in New York or London, a majority of drinks found in Prague establishments don’t exceed 200czk.

Here’s a directory of our favourite watering holes (none of them have paid to be on the list), chosen not just for their spirited libations, but also their atmosphere and charm. But before you dive in, it’s worth noting that these bars get extremely busy (especially on weekends), so calling ahead and making a reservation is almost a must.  Enough of the small talk,  get out there and enjoy!

Na zdraví!

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