Looking for something to do tonight? Prague has a great night life scene with an endless variety of clubs. Prague’s clubs cater to a wide variety of audiences from a relaxed night of drinks with friends or an all night party. Whatever type of night are looking for Prague has something for you.



Revolunčni 1003/3


As a newcomer to the club scene, Epic has made a name for itself as one of the hottest new clubs in the city. This modern electronic club has three levels that each leave you feeling like you are at an EDM concert. Truly a full audio-visual experience, the performances at the main stage alone make this spot one of the best choices for a night out.



Fashion Club

8 náměstí Republiky


This place is continuously rated as one of the best clubs in Prague, and it’s no wonder why. With local and international DJ’s, bands, and different themed parties on the weekends, Fashion Club is perfect for a great night. Their original cocktails combined with one of the best views of the city on the roof of Kotva makes Fashion Club a must-see attraction.




Dlouhá 33, Prague 1


The Roxy is one of Prague’s oldest and best-known clubs. The venue was an old theatre/ballroom in the 1920’s, and has a great dance floor where you’ll find drum and bass, house, techno, and many other styles. When it’s not a live DJ, there’s great concerts and music festivals.



Lucerna Music Bar

Vodičkova 36


One of the largest and most popular music clubs in Prague, Lucerna hosts a lot of concerts and events. Lucerna Music Bar is hopping on Friday and Saturday night, where the 80’s and 90’s videos come alive on large projection screens in the middle of the disco. The stage in front let’s people dance in front of the screen in addition to the spacious dance floor. People of every age and all walks of life can be seen getting down to the music from Blondie to Nirvana. Ultimately the the sheer volume of people having a good time means it’s hard not to come to Lucerna and not join in the party.



Cross Club

Plynární 23, Prague 7


Cross Club is a labyrinth of small bars and dance rooms pumping different types of music, includiing drum and bass, dubstep, reggae, techno, and house. The Cross Club’s psychodelic décor is also a bit unusual – everything in the club is made from metal and its all moving. The club is broken up into two music stages with many varying sized rooms for you to explore. One of the most unique experiences you’ll have with nightlife in Praha. Grab an Uber, it’s a bit out of the center, but worth it.



Meet Factory

Ke Sklárně 3213/15


Music club, art gallery and theatre/cinema. David Černý – the artist responsible for some of Prague’s most famous modern art – is behind the concept, which is also his studio (as well as home to several other artists). A refurbished warehouse stuffed in-between the motorway and railroad tracks, Meet Factory has become one of the cultural hot spots in Prague and is a must-see for anyone interested in local contemporary art.



M1 Lounge

Masná 1, Prague 1


M1 Lounge stands as one of the most exciting late-night venue in Prague. M1 Lounge is a favorite of locals, expats and a lot of passing-through celebrities. It’s energetic yet laid-back vibe attracts a unique variety of people. The well known team of skilled DJs keeps the place pumping with a mixture of R&B, hip-hop, electro and dance music to the wee hours of morning & the friendly bar staff shake up original signature cocktails that are found nowhere else. If you pre reserve a VIP table you will be treated to first class bottle service. Perfectly located in the very center of the city, you can be sure that all night, every night, it’s always happening at M1 Lounge.



James Dean

V kolkovně 922/1


Okay, it’s kind of kitschy in a cool way. James Dean’s has a classic 1950s American diner feel, complete with checkered floors, red vinyl upholstery and lots of chrome. Famous for it’s larger than life statue of James Dean, it also has some of the best burgers, milkshakes, French fries and everything else good from American you can think of.





Bubenská 1


Neone started as a pop-up club but has grown into a well-established and respected club in Prague’s electronic music scene. They have superior sound system inside and great gigs. This is a place, where the latest trends in electronic music meet innovative visuals and creative ideas. If you are electronic music fan, you have to visit this venue when you are in Prague. They are organizing excellent parties there and Neone is recognized as one of Prague’s most hipster spots.



Radost FX

Bělehradská 120, Prague 2


Rodost FX was started in early 90s just a few years after the Velvet revolution, the club was once Ministry as one of the top 20 clubs in the world!

The club is open from Thursday to Saturday and offers the best of House, R&B/Soul and Hip Hop music and fun fact, Rihanna filmed one of her music videos there. Above the club is the Radost Restaurant and Cafe well known as one of the best brunch spots in all of Prague- but get there early because people line out the door for this deliciousness.



Klub 007

Chaloupeckého 7


Supporting underground and non-mainstream music since 1969, 007 is a legendary club on the Prague music scene. It’s history is rooted in student dissent, providing a welcoming space to students disenchanted with the former regime. 007 offers a healthy assortment of unique bands, DJs, and other musical acts. Music diversity is an emphasis: electro, indie, hip hop, punk, psychobilly and more can be heard on a weekly basis. One of the best parts of 007 is its size. It is small and intimate with a maximum capacity of 180 people. This is really the perfect opportunity to see awesome bands up close and personal. This is one of the oldest functioning clubs in Prague and if you’re into it take bus no. 176 up to the Strahov hill and enjoy the vibe…




V Kolkovne 909/6

You can’t go wrong with 80’s music. Whether you’re nostaligic or just appreciative of all things “totally awesome”, the two-story venue does features an 80’s themed café restaurant on the first floor. But, the real story here is the basement. A nicely sized music club with an illuminated dance floor, plus a large bar and VIP lounge make it a night worthy of the MTV generation.




Francouzská 75/4, 120 00 , Prague 2


One for the curious bored or brave. Retro has become the Czech home of hard house. Their club nights are full to the rafters until the small hours while go-go dancers whip the energetic clubbers into a house driven frenzy. A very friendly atmosphere with smiling faces and sweating brows as far as the eye can see, there are more locals and fewer tourists here than some of the other large clubs with amazing DJ’s, lasers, and vibes. Dress code is free and easy, flamboyant if you’re feeling daring.



Chapeau Rouge

Jakubska 2, Old Town, Prague 1


Chapeau Rouge is a music clubs that ranks among the biggest in Prague with 3 floors, 4 bars & 3 stages. Chapeau truly has something for everyone! You may even stumble upon it all on your own: it’s in the center right behind Old Town Square and usually has some cool kids smoking a joint right outside its doors. The ground floor of Chapeau is a chill place to meet people from all over the world: travelers and expats alike. Go down one more floor and you’ll come across the dance club where international and local DJs blast out their beats playing pretty much 7 days a week with music in the main bar area being truly eclectic: everything from Balkan rhythms to drum & bass. Keep going down, down, down and you’ll get to the best part of Chapeau, the underground club – a space for indie bands, multimedia projections, and theater.



U Sudu

Vodičkova 10, Prague 1


Invisible for those who don’t know where it is and yet in heart of the town. U Sudu is the best of both worlds with a wine bar upstairs and an underground, cave-like labyrinth downstairs. When you walk in, don’t stop on the top level. All that is up here is a normal looking bar. Keep walking until you hit the stairs that descend into one of the coolest places to drink on Earth… It is indeed smoky, but get past that and the place is just mythic. As you go down into different floors, you just find caves and caves that serve you beer for a good price and also give you good music. It is a place to sit down, meet new people and drink until the sin rises with a dark and intimate aura.




Dlouhá 18, 110 00 , Prague 1 


Harleys is described as the coolest hell on earth. Prague’s best Rock bar opens late is always rockin n’ rollin with DJs and bar shows. This American style biker bar is a happening place & is also in a perfect location, just about 2 minutes walk from the Old Town Square. The bar is designed with a motorcycle theme; the entire placed decked out in Rock memorabilia ranging from Harley Davidson gear to Ramones & Jack Daniels posters. “Jack lives here” so you can bet that Jack Daniels is a specialty – as well as family sized bowls of mojitos. Harleys has loads of atmosphere, locals and tourists alike Harleys always guarantees a rockin’ experience.



La Loca

Odborů 278/4, Prague 2


Chic, fashionable and a whole lotta fun! One of the very first smoke-free establishments in Prague entertains the crowds all day every day. The night is the time when true party colours of La Loca show. International vibes mixed with a scrumptious selection of sizzling drinks are a guarantee of a big night-out. Add a carefully selected music program – karaoke, 80s & 90s retro parties, DJ performances, live concerts and rooftop gatherings in the summer – and you can rest assured knowing you’ll very likely to create memories to remember for a lifetime. 

Klub Joe’s (Limonádový Joe) 

Revoluční 655/1, 110 00 Staré Město 2 


Named “Lemonade Joe’s” after a popular Czech film, Klub Joe’s is one of Prague’s oldest clubs. Recently reconstructed, it looks amazing for it’s 24 years. The highlight for us is the retractable roof for drinks under the stars.