CezetaCezeta’s original maker Česká zbrojovka Strakonice was a man’s man’s company. They produced firearms – pistols, rifles, and automatic guns. And when they weren’t producing firearms, they were producing motorcycles. Fast motorcycles. Motorcycles that won awards. In fact, they took home seven Motocross World Championships and fifteen International Six Day Trial Victory trophies over the years.

So, when their Cezeta model appeared, it must have been a big shock. It certainly wouldn’t win any speed competitions.  It was a scooter. And even more shocking was the design. With it’s exposed gas tank mounted over the front wheel at the nose of the bike, it certainly stood out compared to it’s Italian counterparts like the Vespa. In fact, Cezeta soon earned the nickename “the pig” for it’s unusual shape.

It didn’t take long for “different” to become “endearing”, and thanks to the scooter’s quirkiness, Česká zbrojovka was selling a lot of Cezetas. But then just as quickly as they appeared, production stopped in 1964. No one really knows why. Maybe they were just “too fun” for then-communist Czechoslovakia.

When Česká zbrojovka closed it’s doors in 1997, many assumed the Cezeta was gone forever.

But now, after half a century without production, Cezeta is reannouncing itself, this time however as a luxury electric scooter. Quick and thrilling performance, quality materials and high tech accessories are the main benefits of the new Type 506. For 2017,Čezeta plan to manufacture approximately 800 bikes in the Czech Republic.

Thanks to its peak 8kW electric motor, the Cezeta 506 can reach a top speed of 100 km/h and has a range up to 200km (with battery pack option for 10kWh). “ Charging of the 5kWh standard pack lasts about 4.5 hours and we are working on a fast charge system that willcharge the battery completely in 25 minutes ” says Neil Eamonn Smith, constructor of the new Čezeta and the battery pack.

In addition to zero emissions and minimal operating expenses, the Cezeta 506 uses new technologies – for example the option to control performance with a mobile App.

Thanks to its silent operation, it is possible to ride and listen to music through its built-in Bluetooth speakers.

Future owners of the Cezeta 506 will be able to choose from a range of colours, including the original two tone retro combinations. “ Those who desire for a really unique style have the option to order a customised handpainted version finished to their specification ” adds Smith. Unique accessories include a matching trailer, windshield and luxury leather travel bags.

Our staff was fortunate enough to be allowed to take the prototype out when shooting this month’s cover. The scooter’s instant torque, fun design and comfortable suspension left us not wanting to give it back at the end of the day. Even more fun was watching people over the age of fifty reconcile the nostalgia of the bike with it’s silent running.

Cezeta Motors s.r.o. has begun accepting orders for its Type 506/01 for an introductory price of € 7000. It includes a full parts and service warranty for 3 years (including EU roadside assistance) extendable to 10 years. EU road registration is class A1.

For information about the Čezeta 506, visit www.cezeta.com or stop by their showroom in the Prague City Centre at Panska Pasaz, Na Prikope 23, Prague 1.