Mandatory Prague: The Prague Zoo
Every major city has a zoo. But does every city have a zoo that’s been ranked among the best in the world by the likes of Forbes Traveler and TripAdvisor? Yeah, we didn’t think so. There’s a reason the Prague Zoo brags so many accolades. Located near the Trója... Read more
Mandatory Prague – The Jewish Quarter
The Jewish Quarter—formerly Prague’s Jewish Ghetto—has a history that stretches back to the 12th century. It’s not surprising, then, that it’s home to the oldest still-existing synagogue in Europe, the Old-New Synagogue. You’ll also find the Old Jewish Cemetery, Church of the Holy Ghost, Jewish Museum, five other synagogues,... Read more
Mandatory Prague: Petřín
There’s a reason the Petřín Hill was once one of King Charles’ vineyards. A green oasis of calm bordered by numerous gardens, it’s one of the most stunning hills in Prague (and believe us, Prague has many). It’s also one of the most romantic. The hill is home to... Read more
Mandatory Prague: National Theatre
We’ll spell out just why the National Theatre nags a spot on our list of mandatories, but one look inside and you’ll need no such explanation. Pass through the doors, and you’ll be met with gold-embellished walls that bear masterpieces by 19th-century Czech painters like Aleš, Ženišek, Hynais, Myslbek,... Read more
Mandatory Prague: Rudolfinum
Just 200 meters from the Charles Bridge in Jan Palach Square lies Rudolfinum, a concert hall and art gallery built in 1881. The building’s impressive Neo-Renaissance architecture is enough to bring curious onlookers to its doors, behind which you’ll find a gold and marble auditorium that’s home to the... Read more
Mandatory Prague: Wenceslas Square
Like most of Prague’s sights, Wenceslas Square in New Town has more history than we can fit on this webpage. But we’ll do our best and try. Named for the patron saint of Bohemia and once used as a horse market, the square has been the site of just... Read more
Mandatory Prague: Vysehrad
If there’s one thing Prague is good at, it’s castles. Once you’ve checked the historic Prague Castle off your list, here’s another to add to the agenda: Vysehrad, a fort built on a rocky hill over the Vltava river around the 10th century. Here, you’ll find the Basilica of... Read more
Mandatory Prague: Letna Park
Strolling through Letna Park, you’d never guess that its paths were once home to a 22-meter-long granite monument to Joseph Stalin. Yep, you read that right. After the statue was destroyed (read: blown to bits) in 1962, Czechs used the space to build the only thing sensible: a massive... Read more
Mandatory Prague: John Lennon Wall
If walls could talk, Prague’s iconic John Lennon Wall would speak volumes. Located down a quiet, secluded street at the base of the Petrin Hill, the wall was used by Czech youth as a space for anti-communist activism after John Lennon, their Western pacifist hero, was killed in 1980.... Read more
Mandatory Prague: Old Town Square
Old Town Square is one of the most vibrant attractions here in Prague with beautiful and historical architecture. It is home to the famous Astronomical Clock, Old Town Hall, and many lively restaurants and shops. The square’s center is home to a statue of religious reformer Jan Hus, who... Read more