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Drinking in the sights: Bohemian Alternative Bar Tour

Prague may not be the largest of cities, but when it comes to bars it has a wide variety, where you can experience great drinks and famous Czech beer in scenic locations.  Daragh Lawlor, born and raised in Dublin, opened Bohemian Bar Tours as a way of showing visitors the best bars that Prague has to offer. Daragh believes that his previous experience of working as a chef in a variety of restaurants around the world has made it much easier for him to design the tours, because he understands what the guests are looking for. Bohemian Bar Tours...

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The Museum of Alchemists and Magicians of Old Prague

Man trying to turn his ambition into gold is nothing new. In Medieval times, there was a primitive science that offered exactly this. Alchemy, the quest to change metals into gold, cure disease, and prolong life had a huge place in the history of Europe. Although the claims were deemed unsuccessful, the legends of alchemy still live on today in Prague. No one will ever know why alchemists were so drawn to the city of Prague, but many visitors claim they still feel the magic when they walk through the streets. Why is this? Legend has it Prague was...

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Pivo in the Sun: Our Six Favourite Beer Gardens

Beer gardens combine two of the Czech Republic’s greatest passions, beer and nature, which makes these outdoor spaces the perfect places to experience local culture and enjoy the Prague sunshine.   For Gorgeous Views:  Letna Beer Garden Under one wooden picnic bench, you’ll find neighborhood dogs lounging patiently at their owners’ feet, taking a break from a walk through Letna Park. At the next table, a group of international students are likely discussing how to say “cheers” in their native languages. Along the railing, travelers and Instagram fans take turns capturing panoramic views of Old Town and the Vltava...

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At MindMaze, Escape is the name of the game!

At first glance, finding yourself locked in a prison cell in Prague might not sound like the best way to spend an evening, but escape room company Mind Maze has over 800 positive TripAdvisor reviews that say otherwise. Mind Maze has two rooms currently in operation. Enigma – a WWII themed spy mission that features a military office and prison cell, and The Alchemist’s Chamber – an escape challenge based on sorcery and medieval intrigue. The popular escape room company has been rated number one in Prague. It’s a fun friends activity or team building exercise with two teams...

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Pedal Power – Prague by eBike

With the recent legislation barring Segway Tours from the city centre in Prague, the electric bike tour industry has found itself in high gear. Local tour operator I Like eBike says their guided tours are extremely popular with tourists, giving them a perspective of the city that you just can’t find on a tour bus. Riders are able to progress at a slower pace and without looking at a city though a pane of glass from a bus seat. I Like eBikes primarily use cycle paths and parks to cruise in on their tours; Prague is quite hilly, but...

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