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Where to Shop… OR… The Most Expensive Can of Coke in the World

Sure, everyone expects they’ll pay a bit more for items in a shop in a tourist area, but $12 for a lighter and $4 for a can of coke? That’s what Honest Guide found when they took to the streets of Mala Strana looking our for visitors in this weeks episode of Honest Guide. While there are many shops that charge what they’re supposed to (DM, Tesco Express, Žabka, and others), many shops found in the tourist areas take advantage of whatever they can get from tourists unfamiliar with the local currency and the cost of things in Czech...

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Late Season Farmer’s Market Guide

After a long absence, Czech farmer’s markets reappeared in 2010, after a long disappearance during the communist era and early years of capitalism of the nineties.  And while the idea of straight from the farm to the hands of consumers is a great concept, far too often they are not real farmers markets but rather ordinary fairs. Proper farmers markets sell food from Czech, primarily smaller, farms and where the products are sold directly by the producer to the customer without any other trade links. Proper farmers markets should follow the so-called Farmers markets’ Code. The authenticity of the...

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Our Guide to Authentic Czech Souvenirs

Krtek Krtek, or The Little Mole, is a Czech national treasure. Since animator Zdeněk Miler first released Krtek in 1966, he’s been an endearing figure in the lives of Czechs. Most Czech children grew up not just watching the films, but also playing with Krtek toys. You can find Krtek toys in popular toy stores like Hamelys, Sparkys, or even in Manufaktura. Becherovka Skip the Absenth that wasn’t even made here and go with this. Becherovkab is a herbal bitters, often drunk as a digestive aid (we aren’t sure by whom). It’s produced in Karlovy Vary and found pretty...

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Galerie La Femme : The art of homework

Women have served as eternal muse for artists throughout history, inspiring the likes of Salvador Dali, Matisse, Johannes Vermeer and countless others. So prevalent is the female figure even in contemporary art, that in 2000, Miroslav Lipina opened a gallery just for the topic. Galerie La Femme, a tiny, two-room art space on Bilkova street in Old Town, is crammed with work by both emerging and esteemed local Czech artists that pays homage to femininity, among a range of other topics. Here, as the name implies, women are portrayed in every corner available through paint and canvas, clay, bronze...

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Heart and Sole: The Story of Bata

In the summer of 1895, Zlín shoe maker Tomáš Baťa was broke. To save money, Baťa began making shoes from canvas instead of leather. The desperate move paid off, and the company grew from 10 employees to 50 within a few years. Four years later, Baťa installed its first steam-driven machines, beginning a period of rapid modernization. In 1904, Baťa introduced mechanized production techniques that allowed the Bata Shoe Company to become one of the first mass producers of shoes in Europe. By 1912, Bata was employing 600 full-time workers, plus another several hundred who worked out of their...

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