Bugsy’s and The Godfather of the Czech Cocktail Culture
By Hannah Burns While the name Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel may conjure images of a 1940s-era gangster, he was also the mastermind and innovator behind the glory that is the Las Vegas strip—where others saw vast stretches of sand, he saw opportunity. So it’s no surprise that Václav Vojíř turned... Read more
Best Cocktail Bars in Prague
In a city that has such a love affair with beer, sometimes it’s easy to forget about the cocktail. From a traditional Old Fashioned to the latest molecular mixology concoction, Prague has some amazing choices when you’re ready to hit the hard stuff.  And best of all, while a... Read more
Halloween Cocktails at The Nightmare Bar
Prague has a lot of haunted places to check out this Halloween. Maybe you want a little liquid courage before setting out to find Prague’s most haunted places?  Head to Nightmare Bar a block from the Dancing House on a quiet back street, where patrons can share slasher film-based... Read more