Pivo in the Sun: Our Six Favourite Beer Gardens
Beer gardens combine two of the Czech Republic’s greatest passions, beer and nature, which makes these outdoor spaces the perfect places to experience local culture and enjoy the Prague sunshine.   For Gorgeous Views:  Letna Beer Garden Under one wooden picnic bench, you’ll find neighborhood dogs lounging patiently at... Read more
Bugsy’s and The Godfather of the Czech Cocktail Culture
By Hannah Burns While the name Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel may conjure images of a 1940s-era gangster, he was also the mastermind and innovator behind the glory that is the Las Vegas strip—where others saw vast stretches of sand, he saw opportunity. So it’s no surprise that Václav Vojíř turned... Read more
10 Craft Beer Places in Prague We Love
Wine bars always make for a romantic date night, but Prague is the land of beer. And in the land of beer, you don’t spend Valentine’s Day sipping vino with your loved one—you drink beer.  But we’re not talking about hitting the dive bar to pound a couple pints... Read more
The MeetFactory inspires art and music
Driving up Nádražní in the industrial Smíchov district, it’s hard to miss MeetFactory, an industrial building flanked by two enormous fiberglass red cars, hung on either side by two equally enormous nails. The car sculptures, of course, are the work of Prague artist David Černý, and MeetFactory is his... Read more
Dining After Midnight in Prague
Bloody Sexy Halloween planned for October 28
Bloody Sexy was founded in 2009 and it is the largest Halloween event in the Czech Republic with over 5,000 people attending each year. The Bloody Sexy concept and event have grown massively since 2009. In 2011, the demand for the event grew so high that a second night... Read more
Prague’s Best Nightclubs
Roxy Dlouhá 33, Prague 1 www.roxy.cz The Roxy is one of Prague’s oldest and best-known clubs. The venue was an old theatre/ballroom in the 1920’s, and has a great dance floor where you’ll find drum and bass, house, techno, and many other styles. When it’s not a live DJ,... Read more
Prague Burlesque’s Dames of Porcelain
BY TATIANA CIRISANO When David Jahn unveiled his first installment of the Prague Burlesque in fall 2007, it wasn’t just a career milestone for the filmmaker and musician. The show was also Prague’s first burlesque performance in more than a century. Now an internationally-touring troupe, the famed Prague Burlesque... Read more
Best Cocktail Bars in Prague
In a city that has such a love affair with beer, sometimes it’s easy to forget about the cocktail. From a traditional Old Fashioned to the latest molecular mixology concoction, Prague has some amazing choices when you’re ready to hit the hard stuff.  And best of all, while a... Read more
Halloween Cocktails at The Nightmare Bar
Prague has a lot of haunted places to check out this Halloween. Maybe you want a little liquid courage before setting out to find Prague’s most haunted places?  Head to Nightmare Bar a block from the Dancing House on a quiet back street, where patrons can share slasher film-based... Read more