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Late Season Farmer’s Market Guide

After a long absence, Czech farmer’s markets reappeared in 2010, after a long disappearance during the communist era and early years of capitalism of the nineties.  And while the idea of straight from the farm to the hands of consumers is a great concept, far too often they are not real farmers markets but rather ordinary fairs. Proper farmers markets sell food from Czech, primarily smaller, farms and where the products are sold directly by the producer to the customer without any other trade links. Proper farmers markets should follow the so-called Farmers markets’ Code. The authenticity of the...

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Best Cocktail Bars in Prague

In a city that has such a love affair with beer, sometimes it’s easy to forget about the cocktail. From a traditional Old Fashioned to the latest molecular mixology concoction, Prague has some amazing choices when you’re ready to hit the hard stuff.  And best of all, while a nice cocktail can cost upwards of 20€ in New York or London, a majority of drinks found in Prague establishments don’t exceed 200czk. Here’s thirteen of our favourite watering holes, chosen not just for their spirited libations, but also their atmosphere and charm. But before you dive in, it’s worth...

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Taste of Prague is Worth the Weight

When the duo of Jan and Zuzi started Taste of Prague in 2011, neither of them had been on a food tour, and they didn’t know how to make a website (she was a lawyer, and he was a translator, after all). But this local couple did have two ingredients that were far more important: vision and passion. “We wanted to provide a different experience than just sightseeing,” Jan explains, “and to let people experience tourism differently than they did twenty years ago.” The walking side of the tour should be familiar to most Prague visitors. Cobblestoned streets from...

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The Chef Next Door: Zdeněk Pohlreich

By the way he speaks, one might think Zdeněk Pohlreich doesn’t like classic Czech food. Ironic, since the celebrity master chef counts the famous Czech landmark Café Imperial as one of the three restaurants for which he is responsible. But the reality is, Pohlreich just abhors anything poor quality or status quo (and isn’t afraid to say it), a trait which has made him one of the most famous names in Czech gastronomy in and out of the kitchen. In addition to being at the helm of Café Imperial and the Michelin award-winning Italian inspired Divinis, Pohlreich recently opened...

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Healthy vegetarian options in Prague

Moving abroad with a dietary requirement is a big commitment, and it can seem scary; what if you can’t speak the language, what if your diet is not popular, will you even be able to find something to eat? However, when it comes to these kind of needs, Prague is surprisingly full of options! Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s all goulash and pork knuckles, you’ll have dining options most places that you turn. Sushi Saviours If you’re a veggie who eats fish, or if you’re a veggie who doesn’t, look no further than Mamy Food. With two restaurants...

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