Best Places to Instagram in Prague

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You know the basics already… Charle’s Bridge, the Astronomical Clock, but here’s a list of a few of our favorite places we’ve discovered over the past few years. So grab your phones and happy Instagramming!

Marina Ristorante 

Full disclosure – although they do advertise in our
magazine, they’re not paying us to say this… It’s just a
fact… Marina Restaurant has a great view (in addition
to their great food). The stationary boat turned
Italian restaurant does get busy, so you’ll need to
book ahead. Insider tip: right now, the sun sets early,
so it’s easier to get a table and a shot like the one we
took here.



Kafka Statue

The eleven-meter-tall statue created by local artist David Černý is a technical marvel that’s already found internet fame. Its forty-two rotating panels rotate to align and create the face of famous Czech writer Franz Kafka. The statue can be found at Narodni Tri-da tucked just behind the Quadrio Shopping Centre. Quadrio’s newly opened food court and its superb
shopping make it a great destination by itself.




From Prague Castle

There are several ways to get to Prague Castle, but we recommend walking up the scenic Nerudova Street. We think one of the best Instagram shots can be found from the stairs walking up to the castle complex and looking back at Mala Strana, where you’ll see the dome of Saint Nicholas Church peeking up over the cityscape. To find this spot, walk up Nerudova
and turn right at Golden Star Hotel.






Kavárna Slávia

Slavia serves up plenty of romantic and nostalgic  
idealistic moments for your Instagram. With huge
glass windows overlooking passing trams and Prague
Castle or the National Theatre in the background ,
you’ll find plenty of likes here. The Art Deco interior
also boasts plenty of insta-moments, especially if
there’s live music from the tuxedo adorned pianist
who is a fixture at the café.


Grébovka @ Halvček Gardens

Sitting in a city park and drinking wine is a popular
spring and summer activity in the Czech Republic, but in
Grébovka Vineyard in Vinohrady it’s a natural activity. In
addition to the beautiful grounds of Havlíček Gardens,
the park houses a fully functioning vineyard, which once
served as the summer home of the industrialist Moritz
Gröbe, there’s a pavilion with a café which serves up
traditional Czech wines with an amazing view.


The Klementinum Library

The Klementinum was founded in 1556 by the Jesuits, and it houses over 20,000 rare books, but forget that- we’re here for the eye candy. The buildings are unique because they are are all Baroque-style structures that really can’t be found in many other places in the world and the library is consistently voted as one of the most beautiful in the world.





The Upside Down Horse

Another sculpture created by local artist David Černý “In Utero” adorned Lucerna Palace’s central atrium. The dead horse was ridden by St. Wenceslas is an ironic twist on the St. Wenceslas statue in the square out- 
side and is always a popular site to grab a photo or two.





Dancing House

The Frank Ghery designed building has quite a few 
Insta-moments just by itself – especially if there’s a
good exhibit going on (like the current Lada exhibit).
However, we think the panoramic terrace view at The
Glass Bar is spectacular, particularly at sunset. You’ll
have to buy a drink to go outside (we recommend the
hot chocolate), but trust us, it’s worth it.






We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – Vysehrad is under-rated. 
The complex houses arguably the most
significant Christian Church in the Czech Republic. More
importantly, though, is the castle was built in 925AD
and it took more than 525 years to build. The graveyard
here is home to countless significant Czech heroes,
including Antonín Dvořák, Alphonse Mucha, and Karel
Čapek. Vysehrad is famously quiet and tourist-free.




Prague Zoo

Located on the bank of a river Vitava, right next to the 
Troja Castle, this zoo is ranked the fifth best in the
whole world. There are 4600 different animals, many
of which can’t be found at any other zoo in the entire
world. Insider tip: turn your flash off in the Batcave,
Bruce Wayne.



Letná Beer Garden

Perched high atop the city and adjoining the park with the same name, Letna Beer Garden comes alive as the weather warms up. Dozens of picnic tables sit underneath a canopy of trees with an incredible scenic view of the city. Beer is cheap and there’s food to fuel your photo session. You’ll usually find an eclectic mix of locals, tourists and expats chatting, playing music, or chilling out with their dogs.






Malá Strana

It may actually mean Lesser Town, but when it comes 
to insta-photographic moments, Malá Strana is tops.
We think it’s insta-worthy any time but like Vysehrad,
our suggestion is to come at night, when the tourists
have gone and just wander (it’s safe, don’t worry).
Winding historical cobblestoned streets and amazing
views of the castle provide wonderful opportunities.



Kutná Hora

The “Bone Church” (Sedlec Ossuary) is what most people 
think of when they head to Kutna Hora. The ossuary is
estimated to contain the skeletons of between 40,000
and 70,000 people – many of which famously adorn the
chapel as decor. But, we recommend a photo collecting
a trip to Kutna Hora for the nearby jaw-dropping Gothic
era Cathedral of St Barbara as well, which is also
UNESCO world heritage site.


Kampa Park

Yeah, yeah… you’re thinking “Thanks, Captain 
Obvious”, but hear us out. As you wander from
Charles Bridge towards Kampa, you’ll likely go past
the tree-lined area of Na Kampě. When you get just
past a hotel called “Archibald By Charles Bridge”,
hang a left to the riverside. You’ll probably find swans
hanging out and an incredible view of Charles Bridge.
This is one of our favorite secret photo spots.



Petrín Tower

Also known as “Prague’s Eiffel Tower,” the Petřín Tower is surrounded by rose gardens, and on a clear day, you can see the entirety of Prague and all of its ancient churches and castles and beautiful architecture. On the clearest of days, you can even see the highest point in all of the Czech Republic.














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