Drinking in the sights: Bohemian Alternative Bar Tour

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Prague may not be the largest of cities, but when it comes to bars it has a wide variety, where you can experience great drinks and famous Czech beer in scenic locations.  Daragh Lawlor, born and raised in Dublin, opened Bohemian Bar Tours as a way of showing visitors the best bars that Prague has to offer.

Daragh believes that his previous experience of working as a chef in a variety of restaurants around the world has made it much easier for him to design the tours, because he understands what the guests are looking for.

Bohemian Bar Tours offers three different tours; the Letna tour, the Zizkov tour and the Beer Garden tour, with each tour providing a unique experience, showing some of Prague’s coolest neighborhoods.

The Letná tour explores some of the best bars and clubs surrounding the Mala Strana area. This tour not only includes five large beers from four of the bars, but you can even try white Absinth, a glass of Champagne and if you’re feeling hungry the tour offers an organic cheeseburger en route. The first bar is populated mainly by locals, giving you the chance to experience a real Czech bar, whilst also giving you a great opportunity to get to know the other guests on the tour. The next bar has an incredible variety beers, with around 300 different Czech and foreign beers. The last stop on the tour then takes you to a very popular club in Prague, where you can grab a drink, listen to some music and enjoy the rest of the night!

The second tour which Daragh offers is the Zizkov tour, which goes through the neighborhood famously known for it’s TV Tower. Once known as “Red Zizkov” during Communist Rule, it is now one of the hottest spots for students, artists and musicians to congregate in hipster bliss. The tour has an eclectic mix of stops, from a family-run Czech restaurant, to a hipster bar, to an art club. This tour deal includes four large beers, one top-shelf cocktail and traditional Czech marinated hermelin cheese with caraway bread, making sure there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

The final tour available takes visitors through five of Prague’s most beautiful beer gardens, kicking it off of course with the famous Letna beer garden. Once the tour begins, Letna beer gardens give you the chance to view one of the most beautiful panoramic sights of Prague. Each garden is unique, full of interesting history and has a quirky location, including an active railway station to a garden run by students from the faculty of humanities. This tour includes six large Czech beers, which you can enjoy whilst relaxing in the gardens and taking in the views.

Not only do you get to enjoy great drinks, food and locations during this tour, but Daragh shares stories about life in the Czech Republic, comparing to how it was under communist rule, so you can even learn about Czech history too. The main priority of Bohemian Alternative Bar Tours is making sure everybody has a good time and Daragh even makes sure a taxi takes you home at the end of the night.

Signing up for these tours is quick and easy, just go on their website and choose the tour and date which suits you best.

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