Albertov Apartments Also Home to Vineyard

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The walls of Vysehrad have seen many things in their 600 years. From 14th century attacks, to 18th century Baroque remodelings and Austrian military training, and through years’ worth of New Year’s Eve celebrations, Vysehrad has seen it all. Today, one of the many things standing in its shadows is the contemporary-style apartment complex, Albertov. These short and long-term rental apartments also come with a mini-vineyard in their backyard. This week, tenants came out on a crisp, windy afternoon to help with the harvest.

The vineyard, located behind the apartments and just under the wall of Vysehrad, was inspired by the one within the Prague Castle complex. A huge fan of wine, the founder and owner of the Albertov Apartments decided a vineyard was exactly what the building needed. It was planted in 2010, and since then has been a great source of white wine, especially Riesling. While most of it goes to the owner, some are used as gifts for VIP guests. For tenants, the vineyard, nestled right under the antiquated Vysehrad wall, serves as a scenic backdrop. The gazebo sitting just inside it serves as great place for a relaxing drink. Keep an eye out; the complex owner plans to open the vineyard to the public and sell wine samples sometimes in the near future.

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