Budget Books: English Reader’s Paradise

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Looking for a book to cozy up with at one of Prague’s countless cafés? Budget Books has got you covered with one of the largest English book collections in the city. From philosophical commentaries to paperback classics, this modern bookstore is perfect for visitors who need a novel fix and students studying abroad. Put your textbooks worries to rest as you’ll not only find your required reading in English but also at a fantastic price.

Over twenty years old, Budget Books’ services go beyond your average bookstore, posting weekly blog posts to keep shoppers updated on great discounts and hot new titles. Come holiday season you’ll be prepared with recommendations on great gifts for all of your family members, from top ten lists of stocking stuffers and quick Czech classics to read over the holiday break. One of Prague’s shopping gems for literature lovers, Budget Books is also perfect for expats who haven’t quite perfected the tricky Czech language (don’t worry, we haven’t either!).

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