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Local Artists and its gallery of handcrafted authentic toys, jewelry, books and various trinkets celebrates Czech culture to its very core. By taking a personal approach and redefining what it means to be authentic, Local Artists is confident and proud in every product they place on their shelves. Every mug, pocket watch and toy has been crafted by hand with the integrity and determination of their artists to create the best of what the Czech Republic has to offer. Each treasure tells a story of time, effort and passion that the craftsmen and women are proud to share with customers – don’t be surprised to find artists playing with their creations alongside the customers. It’s this down-to-earth approach that adds to the welcoming atmosphere of this Czech chain.

Since its inception just four years ago, Local Artists has grown from a small team of craftsmen to a network of locals who share their heritage at the store’s four locations. Obtaining an authentic piece of culture in any tourist-ridden city is no easy feat, but Local makes it easy by providing a gift oasis in the chaos of Prague’s Old Town and Malá Strana districts.

Not only do you receive a tangible piece of Czech culture, but you immerse yourself within a foreign culture through storytelling and conversation with artists who truly represent the authentic Czech culture. The experience that accompanies the gift you take home is unparalleled, making it one of the best souvenir and gift shops in all of Prague.

Check out their website for stories about traditional Czech toys and the artists behind them.

Local Artists
Old Town
Karlova 21
Melantrichova 18

Malá Strana
Karmelitská 26
Nerudova 26

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