Prague Fringe Festival 2017
Taking place from 26th May – 3rd June 2017, the Prague Fringe offers over 230 performances across 7 venues in Malá Strana in the very heart of the city, nestled between the landmarks of the Prague Castle and Charles Bridge. Now 16 years old, the Prague Fringe is stepping... Read more
Bugsy’s and The Godfather of the Czech Cocktail Culture
By Hannah Burns While the name Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel may conjure images of a 1940s-era gangster, he was also the mastermind and innovator behind the glory that is the Las Vegas strip—where others saw vast stretches of sand, he saw opportunity. So it’s no surprise that Václav Vojíř turned... Read more
Being Dvořák – An afternoon with the grandson of the Master
By Hannah Burns & Kylie Naughton There’s a private villa that lies atop a hill in Vysoká, a small village near the town of Příbram, some sixty kilometers south of Prague. It is desolate, but well kept, surrounded by greenery and countryside charm. It’s peaceful but powerful; something great happened... Read more
The Greatest Czech Who Never Lived
BY HANNAH BURNS In late 1966, in the small northern Czech town of Liptákov, a mysterious chest was discovered after being buried in the countryside for nearly a century. And by an incredible stroke of luck, this monumentally important moment in Czech history was captured and broadcast on live... Read more
Our favourite First Republic Prague Cafés
There are seemingly thousands of cafés here in Prague—most of them with a new-age sense of chic that we know and love. But older establishments come with a particular charm that you just can’t get at a juice bar or vegan café. Here, famous socialites and intellectuals of the... Read more
10 Craft Beer Places in Prague We Love
Wine bars always make for a romantic date night, but Prague is the land of beer. And in the land of beer, you don’t spend Valentine’s Day sipping vino with your loved one—you drink beer.  But we’re not talking about hitting the dive bar to pound a couple pints... Read more
15 Romantic Things to Do in Prague for Valentine’s Day (or any day, really)
BY TATIANA CIRISANO Although it’s not a Czech thing, celebrating Valentine’s Day in Prague isn’t hard. The city is a living fairytale, and it only takes a glance at its stunning castles, charming cobbled streets, and baroque gardens to understand why. But if you’re head-over-heels and looking to amp... Read more
Janek Rubes: The Honest Prague Guide
BY TATIANA CIRISANO It’s a Wednesday afternoon in Old Town Square, and the postcard-perfect scene is already swarming with tourists snapping photos of the historic gothic church and medieval astronomical clock. But Janek Rubes is here on the lookout for one thing only: scams. “Here we are in Old Town Square,... Read more
Chasing Černý: We talk to Prague’s iconic provocateur and artist
BY TATIANA CIRISANO David Černý, the iconic Czech artist and provocateur, is used to running late, says the manager at his Prague art center and studio known as MeetFactory. More often than not, his reputation precedes him. At age 23, a young Černý was arrested after painting a Soviet... Read more
Café Slavia’s 132 year history
BY TATIANA CIRISANO It’s fitting that Aladár Lašanský, who plays live piano at Narodni coffeeshop Kavárna Slavia, has done so every evening for decades. The Prague mainstay is quite literally built on tradition, from its 1920s art deco interior to its long list of historic clientele. The iconic, 300-seat... Read more